Electronic Components

Electronic Components

Are you looking for electronic components that have been discontinued by the manufacturer? Ellecom specializes in sourcing electronic parts and components that are classified as obsolete or no longer in use, or are difficult to obtain for other reasons.

Our supplier structure allows us to draw on worldwide inventories.

Your advantages: Optimize delivery times and avoid supply gaps in the purchase of discontinued products. Benefit from our personal advice.
Our service: We offer manufacturer-independent procurement. We ensure quality assurance by testing products in independent test houses.

Active components

DC/DC converters, LCD displays/screens, memory, optoelectronics, semiconductors, overvoltage protection, SiC diodes, driver ICs, IGBTs.

Passive components

Batteries, capacitors, quartz oscillators, chip inductors, fuses, current chokes, resistors, transformers as well as connectors.

Mechanical components

Circuit breakers, connectors, fans, hardware components, optical fibers, relays and delay lines, heat conductors, switches, wires and pipes.


Circular connectors, Rectangular micro connectors, RF/coaxial connectors, Rectangular connectors, Modular connectors, Filter connectors, Automotive connectors, Optical connectors.

Modular Products

Wideband power amplifiers, Rack-mounted power amplifiers, Plus high power amplifiers, Linear high power amplifiers, Narrowband high power amplifiers, and Digital attenuators.

RF & Microwave Integrated Circuits

MMIC (High Frequency and Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits), RF & Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuits, Digital/Getun/Solid Chip Attenuators Directional Couplers.

Display Solutions

Standard Screens, LCD Touch Panels, Touch Screens, LED Drivers, AD Board.

Wiring Harness & Cables

Cables for robotic applications, high performance I/O cables, tunnel inspection carts, test bench equipment.

Wir betreuen Sie Schritt für Schritt bei internationalen Einkäufen.

About us
AUSWAHL Weltweit - Wir finden für Sie Bauteile und Produkte auf allen Märkten und in allen Teilen der Welt.
PRÄSENZ Global auf relevanten Märkten - Wir gehen auf all Ihre Anfragen, Anforderungen oder Probleme ein & machen oft auch scheinbar Unmögliches möglich.
BESCHAFFUNG Immer Ihren zeitlichen Vorgaben angepasst - Wir setzen alle uns zur Verfügung stehenden logistischen Mittel ein, um die gewünschten Artikel innerhalb kürzester Zeit direkt an Ihren Standort zu liefern.
QUALITÄTSKONTROLLE Produkt, Nachhaltigkeit und Ethik - Wir stellen sicher, dass die von uns ausgewählten Firmen alle von Ihnen gewünschten Qualitätszertifizierungen besitzen.
Four Simple Steps

We take care of your international purchases step by step.

SELECTION Worldwide - We find components and products for you on all markets and in all parts of the world.
PRESENCE Global in relevant markets - We respond to all your requests, requirements or problems & often make the seemingly impossible possible.
DELIVERY Always to your time constraints - We use all logistical means at our disposal to deliver the requested items directly to your location in the shortest possible time.
QUALITY CONTROL Product, Sustainability & Ethics - We ensure that the companies we select have all the quality certifications you require.

Our customers operate in the following industries:

Automotive Manufacturer of industrial machinery Energy supply Precision mechanics & optical industry Automation Industrial & Manufacturing Electronics Aerospace Medical Technology
Supply Chain Expertise

Specialized in the procurement of obsolete electronic components


Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have a strong presence in the global market and offer international logistics handling with strict control of delivery times and product quality.

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